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sacred art

Ceramic sculptures

an intimacy with sacred clay

For more than 30,000 years, man has been sculpting figurines to connect with the beyond. The first ceramics found are not utilitarian but goddesses "venu callipyge" apparently broken in prayer rituals.

  When I put my hands in the earth 8 years ago I immediately perceived the healing power of the earth. The earth anchors, the earth modeled in 3 dimensions elevates. She connected me immediately to the sacred. I started a journey of healing and revelation with her. My first piece was a ritual cup made of gold, then a virgin. Since then I have continued my dialogue with the invisible by mixing the earth with this relationship.  At night I create faces that reveal themselves spontaneously under the fingers. My pieces are therefore prayers. 

My production remains essentially centered on pieces of reliance and connection with the intimate, our unconscious and our soul. 

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Eveche de Valence - Creative process

 Chapel design


The sources of inspiration are:

• Anchoring in the Christian history of Valence: The first Christian community of Valence was formed in the 3rd century of our era. The river having been the source of Christian anchorage.

• The existence of a Paleochristian altar (3rd century) called Saint Apollinaire in Valence (cast in the Valence museum) incorporating Christian symbols (doves symbolizing the twelve Apostles)

• The location with the river (which faces the chapel) and therefore the water, but also the soil and the Valence terroir (use of clays).

• The presence of the relics of Saint Apollinaire, pre-Romanesque roots.

• The resolutely modern choice of the architecture of the chapel.

The direction

The guiding thread was therefore pre-Romanesque and Romanesque art in the treatment of statues and decorations, staged in resolutely contemporary, refined furniture, incorporating 2 types of symbols:

-Water, a symbol of life in the Old Testament, has become a representation of the Spirit in the New. He is also the main element in the life of Jesus. It is treated in all the furniture in white ceruse sculpture in the oak and punctuates the look by softening the raw materials. It will represent the water of baptism and of the Spirit on the altar, the water of the word on the ambo from which a deer will drink, and the water of the spirit on the tabernacle.

Sacred art - Private orders

Each year I create creations on biblical themes for individuals or patrons.

Each piece is an original creation from a spontaneous creation without prior drawing 

Vierge debout 2 reduit
vierge eveché_edited
vierge de tendresse statue raku
st joseph st euphemie
vierge en RAKU sculpture
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