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Little souls: 

Always keep his child's soul!

The Little Souls:  Always keep your child's soul!

I sculpt and bring out of the earth a small being each time unique, sometimes funny, pensive, smiling, dreamy, or loving wrapped in large coats, cocoons or chrysalises...

The little souls accompany our moments of life, collect our dreams and hopes. With a function close to the protective angel, the comforter, the diary, these little characters like little princes welcome and listen to our dreams, our secrets and can become the support of the dialogue with our child's soul, our heart and our innocence.

On a shelf, in our bedside table drawer, on an altar, the Little Souls accompany us and punctuate our lives, tame our sorrows, joy and tenderness. A gift to offer or to offer oneself to connect to one's marvelous part, one's purity, one's imagination and not to lose the wonder of childhood.

Danielle SIMON

I write a text when my pieces find their owner

Private orders

"It is essential to take care of this sky within us, invisible to others, of this sanctuary that life has built for us and inhabited by messengers, those who, in multiple ways, have inspired us, led us to the best of us- same.
In all the places inhabited by suffering there are also fords, crossing thresholds, intense knots of mystery."


Raku ceramics and its leap into abandonment to the work of the invisible is a way of understanding how nature and the forces reveal this mystery.

I propose on my place courses and internship of discovery of the ceramic sculpture RAKU in an approach of celebration of the living.


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