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sacred art

Ceramic sculptures

The story

I plunged my hands into the earth 7 years ago and have never left it. For and through her I changed my life. The earth and the 3 dimensions connect me directly to the sacred.


My taste for tradition and the sacred naturally led me to study the primitive and ritual techniques at the origin of the history of ceramics.

Trained at La Borne (international ceramics center) in 2017 2018 with students of Jean and Jacqueline Lerat in primitive ceramics, Dominique Legros, with Marie Dreux in sacred art, my artistic journey continued_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in residence for 2 years at the Fontaine d'Ananda in research.

I created a place of life dedicated to beauty and healing and self-discovery through ceramics.

My workshop and my shop are located there.

During the night of my traveling workshop, I sculpt faces. I model and let my hands search for the expressions, the sensitive, the intimate and the vulnerability of the living.  I let myself be surprised by the emotions that reveal themselves spontaneously. I then shape the bodies more quickly.

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